In land-based casinos, high-stakes players are treated to the best accommodations, travel perks, limousines, gifts and bonuses to lure them into the establishment and retain their business. Even though average players make up most of the casinos' income, high-stakes players are an asset to any casino's net income.

Online Casinos and High-stakes Players

Online casinos can identify high-stakes gamblers as well as land-based casinos. High-stakes players are a great perk and online casinos want to lure them to their site. Online casinos separate players into groups depending on house profits and game preferences. They identify players from the amount of deposits made, frequent deposits, money lost, games played, win to loss ratios and multiple other factors.

Benefits for High-stakes Players

Once a player has achieved a VIP status, online casinos are willing to offer perks. Some bonuses given to these gamblers are a favorable comps point conversation rate, play incentive bonuses and cash back deals. A special customer service representative from the site is generally assigned to make personal contact with the players to keep them happily gambling and not moving to a competitor's games.

Identifying a Site with High-stakes Perks

If you are a high-stakes player, check out the sites to ensure they meet your requirements. Offered table limits and high roller casino betting limits are important points to investigate. The higher table limits allow risk takers to place large bets. Make certain that any bonuses offered are actually obtainable instead of a perk that is impossible to use. Lastly, make certain any online casino is legitimate and engages in fair play.

High-stakes players are treated like royalty in online casinos as well as actual ones. If the casino is reputable, a high-stakes player will enjoy the specialized treatment and continue playing on the site.