Online gambling is growing in popularity. Unfortunately, this also means the opportunities for thieves to use online casino scams are also on the rise. Players can avoid falling victim to online casino scams and better protect themselves from online theft and hacking by following a few tips.

Always Check Certifications

All online casinos are required to register with their local gaming jurisdiction and receive regular audits to make sure their games operate fairly. They receive certifications that are then posted on their websites. Unfortunately, it is easy for online casino scams to copy the images of the certifications and post them to their own fraudulent websites. In order to avoid being taken in by these easy trickery, players should verify the licenses of each online casino by checking the official government and non-profit run websites to see which casinos have passed inspection and which have not.

Following the Reputation

To find recommendations of good online casinos, players may visit forums and review sites to see which casinos are legitimate and which are scams. Unfortunately, online casino scams can easily post fake reviews and even fake review sites that describe their site positively. Players should be sure to confirm across multiple trusted review sites that the casino they are interested in is, in fact, a decent site.

Online casino scams can also be identified by certain signs, such as too-good-to-be-true promotions, poorly designed layouts, and an overabundance of popups. Players should always be careful with their money, especially when the games they are hoping to play are already enough of a risk.