You used to see players betting in online roulette in style with all their bets. Some of them emerged victorious and others had to give up their entire life savings. This proves that roulette has a game of probabilities and that's what makes it more interesting.

If you are aware of some basic things, you will be ready to log into online roulette in a new way: Red / Black Bets ? These areas provide you to place bets in them and they carry the red or the black color. High Numbers / Low Numbers Bets ? These bets are from 1 to 18 and then 19 to 36 numbers. Each number has its own spot on the table in order to give you a fair idea. Also if 0 or 00 pops up then you lose all your money.

Corner Bets:

You have the option of placing bets in center of 4 numbers in a separate section. This is known as the corner bet area. You win if any of these numbers pops up.

Online slots games like Hitman and Tombraider are prime examples of the crossover between the online gaming and online gambling world.

Although these bets were just the crest of a whole topic. There is a lot of theory and concept related to bets in roulette.