Craps is still a game which involves an extra surge of excitement in land based casinos. More importantly the roof tearing noise is enough to draw anyone's attention. Regardless of this thing, the strategy to craps is of utmost importance. You can use it in online craps as well,

Rinse and repeat and my friends, it means, revolve around number 6 and 8. The shooter shoots after making a point and you place bets on 6 and 8 / 6 or 8. Tell the dealer to lower one unit on 6 and 8 both. You will be getting a profit of 2 to 3 $ and continue this process if you want. The roller makes the point; you bring down your bets. They call it '3 Point Molly' and you will be dealing with 3 numbers simultaneously. Take advantage of 2 categories of betting, 'Pass line and Come Bet'. You will make a pass line bet and keep double odds as backup. You will keep on placing come bets after winning the previous ones.