Whoever catches a glimpse of the world of Yatzy just can't seem to get enough. It offers thrilling fun for everyone who loves throwing dice and is looking for an even more exciting version of classic dice poker.

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Yatzy itself is an interesting game and the goal of the game is to score the maximum number of points in the fifteen different categories on the score pad. Fifteen turns are taken during the course of the game, one for each category on the score pad. Each player gets fifteen turns and at each turn, the player is given three chances of throwing the dice. Initially, all five dice have to be rolled, but on subsequent turns, the players can hold some dice and the held dice will not be included in the next roll.

The final score is the total score from the score pad, which is then multiplied with 100, plus the time bonus that is remaining. This is not complicated at all and once you get a hang of the game, it is very easy and highly addictive. If you've never enjoyed a game of yatzy before, Bwin is the perfect place to be initiated to the game.

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